Reformed Theology

Reformed theology

At RTA we study and teach classical Reformed Theology in relation to and based on the sources. We probe beneath the surface, engaging them in their contexts, from different angles: biblical, confessional, historical, and practical. For this reason, we keep hold of broad and in-depth education, incorporating the classical theological languages Hebrew, Greek and Latin. To meaningfully unlock this rich and deep field of knowledge, we have designed our courses to integrate a truthful study of Biblical, confessional, historical, and ministerial disciplines. In addition, we seek a profound understanding of the world we live in and, therefore, encounter its philosophies, religions and cultures in our curriculums as well. This is executed taking into account the needs of our stakeholders and partners. The focus of our courses is not limited to prepare students for office-bearing ministries as pastors. They also furnish training in Scripture and Theology to students who wish to prepare to serve Christ and his church in vocations other than ordained ministries. Devoted to our cause, our teaching aims at cultivating one’s mind to the fullest potential, committed to a life of learning, leading, and serving in the family, ministry, community and society at large. Our outreach courses not only expose students to the work environment, but also to empower to integrate conceptual and contextual knowledge.


The outcomes 

Deeply rooted and broadly orientated, your education with us will prepare you to be thoughtful, reflective, intelligent, blessed with sharp insight and sincere piety to serve reliably in trustworthy dissemination of Christian ministry. You will be equipped to know and understand the Bible, interpret biblical texts accurately and responsibly, explain and defend the truths and practices of the Christian faith, carry out practical ministry, especially in teaching and preaching the word of God and taking care of God’s flock. You will receive tools of knowledge and a skill set to shape your course, encounter challenges with energy and enthusiasm, to speak with conviction, because we do it after all to the glory of God in no other terms than given in his Word. This constitutes the ultimate relevancy of Christian-reformed service and ministry.