Schools and Leadership

This non-accredited Short Course aims to equip Reformed theological students, and all those who are in some way involved in the proclamation of God’s Word, to understand the South African school sector.

 The purpose of the short course is to provide students with practical knowledge and skills with which they can establish independent schools or make a contribution to existing public schools within the specific community in which they are called.

The South African schools are in a deep crisis. Answers are sought to phenomena such as teenage pregnancies, alcohol abuse, the disciplinary crisis and many more.

Currently, there are 26,000 schools with about 400,000 teachers and 13 million learners. 80% of these schools are dysfunctional due to various factors. There is not just one solution, but a positive contribution is to establish Reformed independent schools, especially in remote places, to strengthen the 1992 independent schools that already exist.

Ministers are also excellently positioned to engage with dysfunctional (and functional) schools to provide solutions to this enormous moral crisis and enhance the quality of basic education. However, in order to do this effectively, they need to understand the South African school sector in order to serve as a credible source of information concerning the sector.